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Operational Excellence is a dynamic of continuous improvement of operations, in search of perfection.

In this sense, our consultancy services help you increase your customers' satisfaction and dramatically improve your results.

Customer service

Team performance

Lead time


Launch of new products


Equipment effectiveness


CO2 footprint


O Lean 6 Sigma combina os pontos fortes do Lean e do 6 Sigma.

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O Agile adequa-se ao desenvolvimento de novos produtos e processos.

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Case Studies

Case Studies

Âncora L6S

Lean 6 Sigma

Lean 6 Sigma combines customer orientation, overall vision, focus on the shop floor, elimination of waste, robustness of processes, continuous improvement and team involvement.

We can help you improve your competitiveness through the following activities:

  • Value Stream Analysis

  • Strategy deployment / Hoshin kanri

  • Shop floor management / Gemba kanri

  • Organization for Continuous Improvement

  • Product development

  • Process Reliability

  • Equipment Effectiveness

  • Labor Productivity

  • Material Flow

  • Planning and scheduling

  • Project management

  • Internal logistics

  • External logistics


Lean 6 Sigma


The term Agile refers to a set of methodologies originally used in the software development industry. Given their success, they have since then been applied to other contexts characterized by uncertainty and volatility, such as those we currently live in, where the solutions of the past do not necessarily apply to the present moment.

They are particularly suitable for the development of new products and the design of processes.

It is based on four values:

  • Focus on the team and interactions between people

  • Incremental value generation

  • Close and constant collaboration with the customer

  • Reactivity to change

Agile, once transformed into a culture, allows organizations that operate in highly complex and unstable environments to be much faster in responding to the needs of their clients, which are constantly changing.

Âncora Agile
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