The reduction of the Carbon Footprint is a key factor for the sustainability of organizations.

Our approach streamlines its monitoring and builds a real system for its reduction, in order to turn the Sustainability Strategy into action.

Diagnosis, Measurement System and Roadmap

Characterize the carbon footprint, digitize data collection and analysis, identify potential and reduction scenarios

  • Diagnosis

  • Sustainability Roadmap

  • Implementation of Emitwise software

  • Reporting automation

  • Daily carbon footprint management

Performance Improvement

Rapid implementation improvement activities to reduce emissions and carbon footprint

  • Improvement activities to reduce the carbon footprint

  • Improvement activities to offset the carbon footprint

  • Assessment of climate change risks for the organization

Circular Economy

Process and product improvement activities in order to generate a positive environmental impact

  • Eliminate waste and sources of pollution through process redesign

  • Use materials / develop products with a longer useful life

  • Turn negative impacts for the community into positive impacts

  • Regeneration of natural systems

Sustainability, as the ability to meet society's present needs without compromising conditions for future generations, is the order of the day.

Companies are under increasing pressure from their customers and other stakeholders and, at the same time, must face several challenges and risks.

The sustainability strategy of each organization is increasingly central to its competitiveness.

With Actio, put your strategy into practice and unlock the full potential of reducing your carbon footprint.

Aumentar a capacidade das equipas de ambiente e sustentabilidade

Increase the capacity of the environment and sustainability teams

By automating the process of collecting and analyzing data for calculating and reporting the carbon footprint. Sustainability teams typically spend 80% of their time gathering, organizing and analyzing data, but only 20% defining and implementing improvement actions

melhorar os resultados e o envolvimento dos acionistas

improve results and shareholder COMMITMENT

There is a clear ROI in Sustainability. Consumers are increasingly concerned with sustainability and for stakeholders it is vital for the long-term survival of organizations.

integrar a pegada carbónica no negócio e nas operações

integrate the carbon footprint into business and operations

In many cases, the carbon footprint is calculated annually for reporting purposes. We help organizations to give visibility, at various levels, to the carbon footprint and make it an operational indicator, rather than just meeting a legal requirement

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