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We help companies improve processes in Administration, Development, Logistics, Manufacturing and Service.

Value Stream Analysis

• Policy Deployment

• Production system

• Shopfloor management

• Support for continuous improvement

• Product Development

• Process Reliability

Equipment Effectiveness

• Labour productivity

• Materials Flow

• Planning ans Scheduling

• Project Management

Consultores Experientes

Actio Lean Consulting was founded by people with a solid technical background and experience in operations

As part of an international network of specialists, we have been working on improving processes in various industries, in different contexts and cultures.
Process improvement requires learning by the organization and a pragmatic integration of best practices, possible only with the support of experienced consultants.

Filipe Barbosa Actio Lean

Filipe Barbosa

Rui Marques Actio Lean
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Rui Marques

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António Sousa Actio Lean

António Sousa

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Operational Excellence Assessment

Check List Eficiência Operacional

Contact us

Rua dos Bragas 208 - 3º sala 10

4050-122 Porto


+351 224 641 103

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